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Kunlun, Qinling, Funiushan and Dabie mountains are the natural boundaries dividing geology, geography and biota of south and north in China, which is called China Central Orogenic System. As an important component of Central Orogenic System, Qinling Orogenic Belt that covering Funiu mountain area completely conserves the records of plates’ subduction and collision in history, of global supercontinent event, snowball event and the information of dinosaur familiy’s extinction. 
There are five major parts of Funiushan Global Geopark so far, including Xixia Scenic Park, Neixiang Scenic Park and Nanzhao Scenic Park which are in Nanyang city, and Luanchuan Scenic Park and Songxian Scenic Park which are in Luoyang city. The area of the core scenic spots is up to 600 km2 covering Mt. Laojieling, Dinosaur Relics Park in Xixia county, Baotianman, Seven-star Pools in Neixiang county, Mt. Laojunshan, Jiguan Cave, Chongdugou, Longyuwan in Luanchuan, Mt.Baiyunshan, Muzhaling in Songxian county, and Zhenwuding in Nanzhao and etc.Three investigation routes were built based on road G209, G311, and S248 with the total length of 350km. And three completely built museums are China Dinosaur Fossils Museum, Baotianman Nature Museum, and Dushan Jade Museum. Luanchuan Geological Museum, Songxian Geological Museum, Luanchuan Field Observation Base of Mineralization of China Continental Margin, Henan Funiushan Field Observation Base of Cretaceous Dinosaur Fossils, and Songxian Engineering Center of Key Technologies of China Geological Heritage Protection are still under construction and will be officially opened in 2015.
Welcome to Mt. Funiushan where you can track the evolution of plates, feel the magnificent orogenic movement, taste the colorful granite landform, enjoy the magic tectonic karst caves, appreciate the living beings in climate transitional zone and admire the glorious culture of Yellow River.

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