Successful Science Popularization by Funiushan Geopark In Zhengzhou University

Successful Science Popularization by Funiushan Geopark In Zhengzhou University

    From December 6th to 8th, aiming to publicize the unique geological heritages, the biodiversity and the humanity history background of Funiushan Geopark to college teachers and students, a publicity campaign was launched  by Funiushan Geopark Administration in Zhengzhou University. At 7:00 pm ,December 8th, experts from Funiushan Geopark gave an impressive lecture on geopark to the audience, at which the deputy chief Guan Xiang from Funiushan Geopark Administration, the director Wei Chunping from Songxian County Geopark Department, the secretary Gao Ke from Music College of Zhengzhou University and the manager Chang Zhihua from Geparker Science Division were present.

    To start with, the host played videos on Funiushan Geopark, which provided the audience a general understanding of the geopark. Professor Cao Jiaqiang, an expert from Provincial Academy Science, Combined his personal understanding of Funiushan Geopark, explained the concept of geopark, the geological condition and the profile of Funiushan Geopark and emphasized the typical geological heritage and the science value of Funiushan Geopark. Through the interaction with the audience and answering their questions about the geological characteristics of Funiushan Geopark and the fossilized remains of dinosaurs, Professor Cao greatly aroused their interest in exploring Funiushan Mountain. At the end of the lecture, the organizer, Funiushan Geopark Administration awarded the geological science books to the audience for their great enthusiasm.

    This science popularization activity in Zhengzhou University is not only a showcase for the typical geological heritage, the humanity history and the biodiversity of Funiushan Geopark but also strengthens the connection between Funiushan Geopark and Zhengzhou University, which will create a deep cooperation to jointly promote Funiushan Geopark and provide an ideal practice place for students in Zhengzhou University.

    By: Wang Yazhe        From:Henan Province Land and Party Construction      December 12th

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